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Greenscapes Offers Complete Landscaping Design Tips

With years’ worth of experience providing landscaping services in Logan, UT, Greenscapes has discovered a handful of tricks to keeping your commercial or residential property lush and beautiful. We can provide landscaping design tips about when to plant vegetation, how to prepare for changing seasons in the Cache Valley, and how you should maintain your lawn. Whether you are known among your friends for having a green thumb or are a complete novice when it comes to yard beautification, our tips can surely help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

What to Consider Ahead of Landscape Installation

Greenscapes is Logan, UT’s landscape installation expert. We have helped beautify customers’ lawns for years, using natural accents such as newly-planted trees and shrubs, decorative pathways, and bright flowers. Our team is happy to relay factors to consider when undergoing a landscape installation at your property. You must carefully consider the height, texture, and colors of the plants you are selecting. Introducing contrasting colors can have an adverse effect because it can make your vegetation inconsistent and unappealing. Make sure your color scheme follows a pattern to attract the eyes of passersby. Also be mindful of height and texture when choosing how to arrange your plants. Do not put the taller plants, shrubs, or trees in the front because they will block everything else. Greenscapes can provide a free consultation to help you best arrange your floral selections.

Planting at the Right Time of Year

There is no unwavering rule about when you should plant your vegetation. Different plants, trees, and flowers will perform better at different times of the year. You should enlist the assistance of Greenscapes to determine the peak planting season for each of your plants. However, in general, we suggest planting seeds in the fall. Use a mix of perennials and annuals to ensure spring flowers. Most of these plants need to root before cold weather descends upon the Cache Valley. By planting in late fall, they will have time to do so and be ready to signal spring with full, gorgeous blooms as soon as the weather improves.

Preparing Your Yard for Spring Weather

If you are like our landscaping technicians at Greenscapes, you are eager to start preparing your yard at the first hint of warm weather. To ensure your yard is in superior shape once spring has sprung, it is best to start preparing early. Among the first tasks to perform is yard cleanup. You will need to meticulously remove debris that has accumulated during the cold winter months. This task includes raking leaves, removing twigs and branches, and gently reinvigorating your clumped and matted grass. Once that is complete, you must prune your trees and shrubs. Doing this in early spring improves the plants’ health and helps shape them to allow full growth. Next, you must edge. Edging prevents grass from spilling over into your beds and ensures a neat appearance. Finally, fertilize your yard shortly before or after a light rain to reintroduce nutrients that can help your plants grow strong and healthy.

Watering Your Grass During Logan, UT Summers

It is essential to water your grass to combat the hot summers in Logan, UT. If your lawn looks gray and dull or blades of grass do not spring back into their upright position after you walk on them, it is time to water. Because of typical local conditions, you will probably need to water deeply two to three times per week to guarantee your lawn is adequately hydrated. It is best to water your yard in the morning when it is cooler because the vegetation can absorb water before it evaporates. While you may have a hose and portable sprinkler head, the ideal way to water is with a sprinkler system. Greenscapes can provide sprinkler design and installation at your home, helping you ensure even, efficient distribution of water. We also offer sprinkler repair and can help winterize your system when the time comes.

Prepping for the Winter Season

As late fall approaches and the days become shorter, you should begin to prepare your yard for the winter. To ensure your beautiful blooms return next year, autumn is the perfect time to aerate your lawn, seed, fertilize, and condition your soil. Additionally, we recommend trimming and pruning your trees ahead of winter to remove any unnecessary weight that could be detrimental when winter weather blankets them. Once all this is complete, you should rely on Greenscapes to winterize your sprinkler system. We will use an air compressor to blow out any residual water to protect your pipes from freezing. Additional protections may include laying mulch or pine straw to help insulate your plants against the cold weather. When it does snow in Logan, UT, Greenscapes offers commercial snow removal services to help clear your property and its walkways.

Call Greenscapes for Additional Landscaping Design Tips

Greenscapes’ broad knowledge of landscape installation and services in Logan, UT is a great resource to utilize when you undertake a project of your own. Our landscaping technicians have comprehensive knowledge of landscaping design tips that can help you prepare for changing seasons, maximize plant growth, and perfectly frame your home’s exterior. We also provide sprinkler design, repair, and installation to help you maintain your lush lawn and enhance your curb appeal. Call us today for a free consultation or to learn more.

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